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Welcome to McCashin’s Brewery,
home of New Zealand’s finest beverages.

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About Us

Since the early 80s we’ve been challenging the status quo, doing things our own way to produce a range of exquisitely crafted beverages from the finest natural ingredients. Perched at the top of the South Island in New Zealand’s sunniest spot, we utilise the stunning natural resources at our disposal. Our brewers are innovative in their approach, always evolving and pushing the boundaries to create our unique beers, our mouthwatering ciders, and our distinctive range of non-alcoholic beverages. We’re a fairly uncomplicated bunch, driven purely by a desire to produce the most satisfying, flavoursome and original beverages on the market. We've never been afraid to lead the way, and we're proud to say we've always been first in craft.

Our History

Ours is a quintessentially Kiwi story – a tale of determination and resolve, of passion and pride. When Terry and Bev McCashin purchased the brewery from Rochdale Cider in 1980 the country was dominated by a duopoly, with corporate giants Lion Nathan and Dominion Breweries controlling the commercial production and distribution of virtually all of New Zealand’s beer. Stubborn, feisty, and willing to stand up and be counted, Terry and Bev, with the help of a handful of likeminded folk, began the craft brewing revolution, developing and refining their own unique recipes and handcrafting beverages from Nelson's finest organic ingredients.

As a result of our history the beer we produce on a daily basis reflects who we are as an extended family of brewers – a bunch of hardworking Kiwis, proud of what we do, and passionate about how we do it.

Dreamin' of an uprising
First in Craft
Our History
The Next Generation
Dreamin' of an uprising
First in Craft
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Dreamin' of an uprising


Our involvement in the brewing industry has really always been about sharing - whether it’s sharing our finely crafted beverages, sharing stories and anecdotes from our history in the industry, or sharing the knowledge and experience we’ve accrued over the years. From our on-site store with its comprehensive range of products to our contract brewing and bottling services, the offerings we’ve developed offer genuine value for money, and are delivered with old-fashioned honesty and integrity by a team of Kiwis (and one Czech!) who simply love what they do.

Our Store
Contract Brewing & Bottling
Our Store
Our Store


Experience the rich and vibrant history of the McCashin’s Brewery first-hand with a tour of our facilities. Smell the enticing aroma of Nelson’s finest hops and our own bespoke yeast, and watch the brewers in action as we relate the tale of New Zealand’s craft brewing revolution! From the early days of the Rochdale Cider factory in the 40's through to the flourishing craft industry we see today, you’ll get a unique insight into the passion and determination that’s gone into producing one of the country’s finest suites of beverages.

A dedicated, professional and knowledgeable tour guide will take you through the history of the brewery, the process to create our fine Stoke and Rochdale products, and show you the features of the brewery. Of course, you’re likely to be parched by the end of the tour, so you’ll no doubt appreciate the opportunity to sample a range of our beer and cider and each participant will be given a take home souvenir glass.

At just $25 per person you’re sure to get your money’s worth from this interesting and informative 40 minute amble down memory lane.

You are then invited to stay onsite at the Kitchen and Bar and enjoy the food and beverages available for purchase.

Tour Hours:
Monday to Friday - 11am
Wednesday and Friday only - 2pm
Tours will not operate on Public Holidays

Bookings are essential

Closed toe footwear must be worn for safety reasons

Kitchen & Bar

Serving great coffee, delicious food & crafted brews. Family-friendly, spacious beer garden, fill your own beer & cider, full brewery tours & tastings.

We also have full catering services available for in-house functions & events or off-site – you choose the venue and we’ll bring the food and brews.

Come on in and check out our unique new space, let our staff school you up on the brew that’s best for you, enjoy some great food and soak up the atmosphere.

Our opening hours are:
Monday - Wednesday 7.00am - 6.00pm
Thursday - Friday 7.00am - 10.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 10.00pm
Sunday 9.00am - 8.00pm

Phone: (03) 547 0329

Contact Us

McCashin's Brewery
660 Main Rd
Nelson 7011
New Zealand

P 03-547 5357