Stoke Beer

Full of the very best malts, hops, yeast and our own artesian water that has been traced back to the ice age.

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Why choose Stoke?

No additives, preservatives or added sugar

Just water, malts, hops and our own bespoke yeast.

Crafted in Nelson since 2010

A decade-long passion for craft beer.

Brewing is our family legacy

We're respectful of tradition and we won't compromise on quality.

Made the way it should be

We use organic hops, premium malt, our own bespoke yeast, water from our 14,000 year old artesian well and brewing techniques passed along a family of award winning brewers.

The next generation

Brewing is in our blood and Stoke Beer is the product of our passion forit. What will never change though are the same grassroots principles and tried-and-true processes that our family first utilised in the 80s. Using the very best natural ingredients, an unflinching commitment to the most exacting standards guides everything we make.

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